How To Dispute Mistakes

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Dispute Mistakes on Your Credit Report

It is up to YOU to make sure your credit report is correct!

Regardless of the types of errors you find in your credit report, you need to contact the credit bureau to dispute the incorrect information.

Step 1:  Identify all possible mistakes in each one of your credit reports.   Carefully review your credit reports to identify anything that is not correct.  It is up to YOU to make sure your credit report is correct, so what you don’t dispute, the credit bureau is not going to be responsible for!

Step 2:  Contact each bureau that is reporting false information.  Each credit bureau has its own information, so you need to dispute false information with each of the credit bureaus that is reporting that information (even if it’s the same false information!). We’ve created a Sample Dispute Letter for you! Please click HERE to view this sample dispute letter to the credit bureaus.

 Step 3:  Review the credit bureaus’ responses.  You should hear back from the credit bureau as to their “investigation” of your dispute within 30 days (45 days if you are disputing information that appeared on your free annual credit report).  If any of the information you disputed was not removed from your credit report, you may have a cause of action under the FCRA against the credit bureau and/or the entity that verified the wrong information.  You may choose to dispute the information again, or seek help from a consumer protection attorney.

HELPFUL HINT:  So you can prove what you actually disputed, you should communicate with the bureausby mail and keep a copy for your records!

Did You Know?  Like doctors, most lawyers practice in very specific areas and may not be familiar with the laws protecting you with respect to your credit report.  If you have a consumer-related problem, make sure to contact a consumer protection attorney!