Lemon Law

Ohio’s Lemon Law

If you think you have a lemon motor vehicle in Ohio, then you probably do. The Lemon Law in Ohio covers new cars, trucks, RV’s, ATV’s, motorcycles, and any other new motor vehicle. The Lemon Law will cover you and it does not matter whether you purchased the vehicle or leased it.

Price does not matter. Whether your new lemon car is a Kia, Ford, Chrysler, GM, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Lincoln, Saturn, Honda, Oldsmobile, a Ram pickup truck, a Lexus, a Land Rover, or a Rolls, Bentley, Ferrari, or Maserati, the Ohio Lemon Law covers all consumer motor vehicles.

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If, within the first 18,000 miles or the first year after delivery, your vehicle is in the shop three times for the same problem and it doesn’t get fixed, then it can be a lemon.

If your new car or new truck is in the shop for more than a total of 30 days during the first 18,000 miles of use or within the first year after the original sale date, then you have a lemon.

If you have more than eight different defects with the vehicle, which come up during the first 18,000 miles of use or within one year from the original date of sale, then you could have a lemon.

If you have a defect that is so serious that it is likely to cause an accident or someone to get hurt, and your dealer does not get it fixed on the very first attempt, you could have a lemon if it was within the first 18,000 miles or within one year after the original sale date.

Don’t fit one of these situations? That’s okay, the Federal Lemon Law may still be able to help you get rid of your lemon and get your money back.

So your car has been accepted as a “lemon” …

WATCH OUT for ways the manufacturer will still try to take advantage of you!

The Ohio Lemon Law does not allow the manufacturer to make any mileage deduction when they buy your car or truck back from you because it is a lemon. Still, you can be sure they will try. Be careful.

If you want your lemon new car to be replaced with one that runs right, the manufacturer is not allowed to charge you for the increase in the sticker price, either. Still, you can bet they will try. The same is true for a lemon truck.

It’s all negotiable! Manufacturers of motor vehicles do not build those new manufacturing plants by repurchasing your lemon car or truck. They do it by arguing with you about it. You can bet that they know their numbers. They know that if they argue with you, stall, or try to drag it out, that the odds are a lot of people will just give up. You don’t have to! When you get stuck with a lemon car or a lemon truck, we can help “unstick” you. Our job is to make the manufacturer take it back and either give you a new one or to give you back your money. Of course, they should also have to pay the legal costs involved in doing it.